Next Nerd Competition

The Next Nerd is an Educational Initiative that is targeted at building Digital Skills awareness and knowledge and producing the next ICT Nerd within Schools in South-South Nigeria and environment. Our aim is to improve Information Technology knowledge and Digital Skills of the younger generations; thereby occupying their minds positively and in turn, keep them off social vices. The 21st century has developed so much so that every career choice or business opportunity has been greatly influenced by ICT, but yet our children are not exposed to such. This will benefit our society and country at large if Secondary School students are exposed to ICT knowledge the way their counterparts are in other countries.

The purpose of the event is Educational.  This is a Giant Digital Quiz competition among schools in this metropolis.

The School that wins will Host our Robotic For Schools Training. This comes with free training for all her pupils. (Terms and Conditions Applies).

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To register your School for Next Nerd Competition follow this link: Next Nerd Registration